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                            Now Hiring: Adult Programs Facilitator
Full time continuing.
40 hours per week. Mon-Fri, 9am-5pm

The Adult Programs Facilitator works with learners one to one and in small groups to assist with literacy and learning tasks and skill sets.
• Helping individuals with literacy learning including reading, writing and basic computer use.
• Facilitating small literacy and computer classes.
• Assisting in task-based literacy learning including help completing forms, creating resumes and using the internet to conduct job searches.
Position Requirements
A. Education
A teaching certificate or background in teaching and/or community work is an asset.
B. Knowledge
An understanding of the issues confronting literacy learners in today’s society.
D. Skills and Abilities
1. Superior communications skills, written and oral.
2. Excellent computer skills.
3. Excellent interpersonal skills
4. Sensitivity to working with vulnerable populations.
4. Personal Characteristics
1. Ethical and honest.
2. Self-motivated. Able to work with minimal supervision.
3. Outgoing and energetic.
4. Positive and professional attitude.
5. Openness to self-evaluation of facilitation skills.
Please send resume and cover letter to Seanah Roper in PDF format to

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