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This program assists newcomers in getting access to basic needs such as health care, schools, banking, insurance, community programming, employment opportunities and housing.

Using the Canadian Language Benchmarks we assess your skills in reading, writing, speaking and listening. Trained tutors work one to one with learners of English and help you improve your language skills and will be a culture guide and mentor as you adjust to life in Fort Nelson. 

We organize cultural events and field trips to get together and to share our identity. 

Current Programming

Old Globe

Country Highlight

Highlight different countries each month based on nationalities residing in Fort Nelson.

This month's spotlight is on SLOVAKIA!


Every Thursday from 4PM - 5PM

Join us to practice and improve your English. Learners get a general introduction to English, focusing on reading, writing, and listening skill development. This class is suitable for beginners or intermediate learners.

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This seven-session free course is designed with simple, easy-to-understand English and includes the main information about Canadian history, geography, rights and responsibilities, laws and government. After the theory, we practice answering multiple-choice questions. You get access to the PDF file with presentations and quizzes to be able to practice by yourself any time. 

Speaking, Listening, Reading and Writing

We are practicing IELTS speaking, listening, reading and writing, focusing on IELTS techniques, vocabulary improvement and stress reduction. You can meet with a native speaking tutor one-on-one or in a small group, get your essay corrected and borrow Oxford IELTS books and materials. 

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