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Learner Resources

Digital and Media Literacy

  • Northstar Digital Literacy Project

    • Learners can assess their digital literacy and learn basic computer skills for free.

  • DigitalLearn

    • An online hub for digital literacy support and training.​ It includes a collection of self-directed tutorials for learners to increase their digital literacy skills.

  • GCFLearnFree

    • A free online educational website focusing on technology, job training, reading, and math skills.​

  • Media Smart

    • Canadian non-profit organization that focuses on media literacy programs.​ They offer a collection of resources to help learners build critical thinking skills to engage with media.


    • A free online platform that offers an extensive keyboarding curriculum and interactive lessons for digital literacy.​ Includes typing games, tests, and achievement to motivate learners.

Family Literacy

  • What is Family Literacy?

    • A great resource to have a better understanding of Family Literacy.​

  • Family Literacy Week by Decoda

    • Decoda provides resources of activity sheets and fact sheets to help families and communities celebrate Family Literacy Week.​

    • They also hold an annual Family Literacy Week photo contest open to all BC residents for a chance to win prizes. 

  • Family Literacy First by ABC Life Literacy Canada

    • A program created to bring parents and children together to practice family literacy.​

    • They offer free online resources in different languages.


    • An educational company that offers many fun games and activities children can interact with to shape their literacy early.

  • No Time For Flashcards

    • A blog to help parents teach their children early literacy with educational activities. They have fun crafts and books for free!​

  • Canadian Children's Literacy Foundation

    • A national charity dedicated to children's early literacy. They provide information, training, and other resources to make it easy to help families.​


    • An advocacy organization that discusses how adults can talk to their children regarding a family member or friend having cancer.


  • A guide that outlines everything to know about mesothelioma.

  • The Magic of Music: How it can Help Children Develop Literacy Skills

    • Click here to download:​

Financial Literacy

  • Financial Consumer Agency of Canada

    • An independent agency of the Government of Canada dedicated to helping Canadians with their financial education and awareness of their rights and responsibilities.

  • Money Matters by ABC Life Literacy Canada

    • A free financial literacy program for adult learners, newcomers to Canada, Indigenous Peoples, and people with diverse abilities.​

  • Get Smarter About Money

    • Provides unbiased and independent financial tools to help people make better financial decisions.​

    • Includes information about Basic Investing, future management of finances, and a collection of calculators with many different functions.

  • Money Sense

    • A digital magazine and financial media website. They provide relevant and up-to-date information to help people with their finances.​

  • Pigly

    • Pigly offers a rich collection of helpful utilities to help people figure out their finances, manage their budget, and plan for retirement.​

    • They have over 100 calculators that you can use to figure out loan payments, estimate investment returns, or just about any other important financial decision!

Indigenous Learning

  • History of Indigenous People in Canada by Decoda

    • A resource page collected by Decoda to help people learn more about the important history of Aboriginal People​

  • Indigenous Foundations

    • A great website with a wide collection of studies and information about Aboriginal topics.​

  • Groundwork for Change

    • A site meant to support people who are asking questions and looking to learn more in ways that are respectful of, and useful to Indigenous People

  • Legacy of Hope Foundation

    • A national Indigenous charitable organization with the mandate to educate and create awareness and understanding about the Residential School System.

General Resources

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