About Us

The Fort Nelson Community Literacy Society (FNCLS) is a non-profit organization devoted to lifelong learning.

FNCLS promotes learning through tutoring, workshops, community learning events, capacity development, social development and community development. Our goal is to increase the literacy levels in our community through our work and promoting the work of the service organizations. Our view of literacy is very broad and includes financial literacy, health literacy, physical literacy and emotional literacy. Our hope is that our work will allow our community to have a healthier population that is better prepared to enter the workforce, continue on to post-secondary education or give their knowledge and skills back the community. We strive to have the population see learning as a valuable commodity to be celebrated and shared.



The Fort Nelson Community Literacy Society began with a community meeting back in May 2005. Organizer Val Keeler initiated a second meeting in January 2006, where 30 key members of the community attended to launch the start of the process. The task force was formed; Lorraine Gerwing was contracted to prepare a community literacy profile and Val Keeler developed the Community Literacy Plan. A charitable, non-profit society was to be formed with a coordinator to liaise with existing programs and initiate new literacy projects in the Fort Nelson community. With the Society up and running, a grand opening was held on December 1, 2007.

Since then the society has developed into a key community service provider in the Fort Nelson area with partnerships and relationships formed to reach out to the people in our community.

Our Team


Heather Maga

Executive Director and Literacy Outreach Coordinator


Adult and Family Program Coordinator


ESL and Settlement Program Coordinator


Chloe Forsyth

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Aubrey Odavar

Program Assistant

Our Board of Directors

Rob Cheyne – Chair

Lorraine Gerwing – Vice Chair

Kathi Dickie – Treasurer

Gabrielle Jacob – Secretary

Suzanne Rees – Director

Angela White – Director